Christopher Teixeira

Christopher Teixeira

Department Chief Engineer

The MITRE Corporation


Christopher Teixeira is a Department Chief Engineer in the Promoting Healthy People and Communities Department within the Health Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). He’s responsible for providing his expertise in statistics, applied probability, modeling and simulation, and operations research to a variety of challenges that the federal government faces. In particular, he works directly with multiple federal agencies to identify potential solutions to the challenges they face and how best to use data to drive decisions they need to make. This includes helping them distinguish between the advantages and differences of varying analytical techniques. This breadth of knowledge and applications has led Chris towards becoming an expert at shaping efforts with sponsors including writing the contract language, cost proposals, and technical proposals across multiple efforts over the years.

Chris served in a variety of roles over the course of his career at MITRE. He first joined as an individual contributor serving several sponsors by applying his background in Applied Statistics and Operations Research. This includes supporting multiple federally funded research and development centers across a variety of projects, such as supporting the Department of Energy in understanding how to safely and effectively treat nuclear waste and helping the Veterans Benefits Administration use sophisticated modeling techniques to better serve veterans. Recently, Christopher led a project that used a variety of advanced analytical techniques to define and identify opioid prescribing behaviors. In this role, he led a team of 20 data scientists and presented this material in public meetings to a group of Chief Medical Officers, State Commissioners, public health experts, and data scientists. He earned an M.S. in operations research from George Mason University and a B.S. in mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Data Analytics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Operations Reearch
  • MS in Operations Research, 2010

    George Mason University

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2006

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute






Operations Research















The MITRE Corporation
Principal Data Scientist
Jul 2014 – Present Massachusetts
Serves in many roles from individual contributor to technical lead and integrator. Exhibits expertise in a multitude of areas including technical solutions, communication skills, creativity, and vision to deliver a diverse set of technical solutions across different FFRDCs.
Senior Analytic Consultant
Aug 2012 – Jun 2014 Massachusetts

I support multiple clients by using various analytic techniques including but not limited to Optimization, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. These skills are applied through a combination of R, Python, SAS, and Netezza.

I serve as one subject matter experts in the following areas: NLP and text analytics, optimization, and big data solutions. Typical duties include hosting “lunch and learns”, providing support on business development efforts, and produce code samples in multiple programming languages.

Advanced Analytics Senior Consultant
Nov 2011 – Jul 2012 Virginia

Worked with a team to determine the best use of IBM’s analytical skills to help Aetna improve their business. Modified a SAS multiplicative regression model to be more flexible with data and improve efficiency. Determine the important factors in improving care management efficiency for existing programs at Aetna.

Supported JIEDDO using various analytical techniques including Analytic Hierarchy Process and Regression Analysis. Created and tested a metric to help support decision making for various groups of people working with JIEDDO. Improved existing products in Excel and Access using SAS code. Created SAS Stored Processes to help streamline report generation. Improved raw data cleansing and formatting using regular expression parsing. Streamlined a process to parse XML files and create new databases from the results. Developed SAS stored processes to support business intelligence and analytics. Designed a database to enhance reporting and help determine an optimal solution to a resource allocation problem.

Operations Research Analyst
Jun 2006 – Oct 2011 Virginia

As an Operations Research Analyst, I had the responsibility for taking a list of directions and being able to produce a solution with little to no guidance. This involved working with EXCEL, VBA, SAS, ARENA, and AnyLogic.

I was responsible for the team of interns. I worked with other SAIC employees to both screen and interview applicants for the Operations Research internships. I provided a list of tasks, providing feedback on work, and supervised the team of interns.


This list of projects represents the details of my experience across my career and how I supported customers' decision making on complex challenges.

Data Science Upskilling for the CDC
As the Project Lead, we supported CDC’s efforts in upskilling their staff in a variety of data science competencies from time series regression to data wrangling to communicating your results to all audiences.
Port Operations Analysis for PNNL
Simulate port operations to optimize tradeoff between speed and security.
Personal Website
Using blogdown to create and host a website on AWS
Similar Players in MLB
Taking a quantitative approach to identify which players are similar to each other.
COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition
The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition is a private-sector led response that brings together healthcare organizations, technology firms, nonprofits, academia, and startups to preserve the healthcare delivery system and help protect U.S. populations. Together, we’re working to provide data-driven, real-time insights that improve outcomes.
Predicting Pitch Types
Predict the next pitch based on pitcher batter histories.
Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare
Supporting HHS/ASPE in their efforts to explain the use of predictive analytics to child welfare agencies.
Department of Energy Cost and Schedule Tool
Built a tool to determine changes to cost and schedule
Veteran Benefits Administration Command and Control Model
Understand bottlenecks and other systemic issues to increase system efficiency.
Children at Risk Research
Using analytics to determine risk factors associated with child fatalities.
Financial Metrics Visual Model
Using simple modeling techniques to understand impact to corporate finances
Strategic Workforce Model
Model workforce dynamics to understand different hiring strategies.
Optimization in SAS
This is an overview to optimization and Proc OPTMODEL in SAS.
Real Time Predictive Modeling
Design and implement a model to perform real time predictions.
MLB Player Similarity
Using stats to determine how similar baseball players are to each other.
Sentiment Analysis for specific Brand Products
Translating unstructured text to interpret feelings towards a brand.
Customer Attrition Analysis
Using machine learning to predict which accounts are likely to be closed.
Statistical approach to determining regional based fraud in healthcare claims.
Optimizing Team Assignments
Creating fair and equal softball teams
Transit Risk and Assessment Methodology
Risk analysis combined with data to protect transit systems.
Statistical Analysis of Defensive Production in Major League Baseball
Using statistics to determine defensive production on play-by-play data.

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